My Real Story

So I don't really like to talk about myself, but we're here, so I guess I'm going to start. I'm in my late 20's now, it may not look like it, but it's true. I didn't realize music was my true passion until 22 years old. To me, that is so late, but hey! better late than never right?

Well,  It started with me singing in middle school choir. I absolutely loved it! I would sing all the time (to myself)). Until one day, I sung in front of some classmates on the bleachers during gym class. One of my most embarrassing moments, they laughed at me! I honestly thought I was killing it! If you must know I chose to sing "Unbreakable" by Rihanna good choice I thought but I guess to the ringleader it wasn't up to standard. In my mind never again will I do this.

High school came around, I danced instead. I took a break from choir. Don't get me wrong I was still singing in the shower and quietly in my room and unfortunately my mom was forcing me to sing at church every freaking Sunday. I had dreaded every Saturday because I knew my mom would ask me did I practice for tomorrow knowing damn well I didn't because I do not want to sing in front of everyone every Sunday morning. That lasted awhile until it didn't.

Randomly (divine intervention) I was scrolling through my college Georgia Perimeter email and discovered a GSU Choir audition was approaching in a few days. I saw it and instantly smiled, thinking "oh I'm going!". I went and the rest is history!

Nah, I'm playing I'm definitely giving y'all the details of what happened! LOL. I love telling stories, obviously. 

wasn't even a registered GSU student but I would walk 30 minutes from my studio in Midtown to my 3pm, if I recall correctly, GSU choir class in downtown. It was so fun to me! It gave life a different meaning, it gave me something to do, something to look forward too other than just working and paying bills. I felt I found something that I thoroughly enjoy and is pretty good at that could possibly become more. Singing in harmony with other singers led me to think I can make music. Which eventually made me want to change my major from film to music and change campuses from a student in Georgia perimeter (Dunwoody) to Downtown GSU. Unfortunately, I didn't get accepted into the GSU Music Program. A little discouraging but that did not stop me. I started making beats on my crack Logic, shouts to my good friend Chris for hooking me up with that. Cause at the time I was definitely a struggling being now I'm a struggling artist. Hopefully soon not long.

Anywhoos I started making beats on my crack logic. I have already been writing on top of Hip-Hop type, R&B YouTube beats, buying beats from my friends who were producers and been to a few studio sessions and been taken advantage. Still I wanted to take it a bit further so I was googling music schools. I thought why not learn to engineer, so you can do this shit yourself and won't be taken advantage. I still have been taken advantage of, but going to school has definitely lessen that amount. I found Full sail but I'm like I am not going to Florida. Finally found one in Atlanta -- SAE. Toured the school and enrolled a few weeks later.

Going to to this school solidify my interest in music and just grew more and more over time. I don't think I have ever stuck with something for this long, so I know its real. I was one of five girls in the whole school. I enjoyed everything about SAE and learning different things about about the technical side of music. I was in competition with these dudes. Some respected me, some was definitely hating on me, but I came out on top despite the shit I had going on in my personal life and became the Valedictorian of my class. Oh and had the best speech at the graduation ceremony don't play with me. From there I released "For GOODE" my first single under my first artist name and birth name Damali then I released a couple of tracks that I did some background vocals and hook and finally my debut EP "God Vs. Men" all under Damali.


eventually changed my artist name to Mali Ama. Not too long afterwards I released "SAY" my first single under my new name. A new fresh sound. I felt I found my pocket my sound after two years of experimenting. I am still growing and learning personally and musically. I can only hope you are down for this crazy ass ride with me. "How the Cookie Crumbled" will be my debut EP as Mali Ama and I hope you love it as much as I do. In this conceptual project I am really allowing my vocals and pen to shine through.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.